ZGP Vacuum Drier


Using the character of volatile of the moisture content in the matter in the case of vaccum, ZGP vaccum rake drier can heat indirectly by steam or hot water jacket and can exhaust in the high vacuum. So this pump is specially fit for dring the thermal matters, oxidative matters in the high temperature or the powder matters when the matters are being dried and. the drying which the steam exhausted in the course of drying must be recovered. The moisture content of feeding matters of vaccum rake drier is high to 70%, the moisture content of dried matters is only 1%-O.5%, the drying matters may be pulp, cream, granular, floury or fibriform etc. With high efficient, easy operation, the driers are speaially applicable for drying the detonable, oxidative, cream matters, the matter dried is packed directly without smashing.

The Main Techiecal Parameter

Model Useful Volume Tempreture Range In The Drying Room (οC) Rake Teeth Speeds × Power r/min×kw Heated Steam Press (Mpa) Vacuum Prmp Model Used
ZGP-l00 100 30-90 (5-10)×1.1 ≤0.6 2SK-l.5,SK-l.5
ZGP-500 500 30-90 (5-10)×3 ≤0.6 2SK-3,SK-3
ZGP-l000 1000 30-90 (5-10)×5.5 ≤0.6 2SK-3,SK-6
ZGP-2000 2000 30-90 (5-10)×7.5 ≤0.6 2SK-6,SK-6
ZGP-3000 3000 30-90 (5-10)×11 ≤0.6 2SK-6,SK-6
ZGP-4000 4000 30-90 (5-10)×15 ≤0.6 2SK-6,SK-6


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