ZF series Vacuum Generator Equipment


ZF series Vacuum Generator Equipment can supply vacuum source for medical gas center station of the large, medium hospital.It is designed and developed according to reality in the state, and widely applicatble for the vacuum station of chemical and medi­cine making trades, the perfusion system of light industry, the vacuum molding of rubber engineering parts in the aumobile trade, the immersion of fire retardant conveyer belting used in coal mine, the vacuum source of V mode, VRH, V-EPC in the foundry industry.

The Main Technical Parameter

Model Volume OfVacuum Pot(m3) Vacuum Range In The Pot Mpa(mmHg) Overall Size (Length×Wide×High) (mm×mm×mm) Control Mode
ZF-l.5 1.5 (5.3-1.9)×10-2 (-360-620) 2700×1700×2600 Manually, Auto
ZF-3 3 (5.3-1.9)×10-2 (-360-620) 2700×1700×3000 Manually, Auto
ZF-5 5 (5.3-1.9)×10-2 (-360-620) 3000×2000×3600 Manually, Auto

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