QSC Series Wind Power Transport Equipment


QSC series wind power transport equipment can suspend move the powdery graimy matters from one place to another place by gas source with certain energy in the pipe, and can separate the matters from the work gas by separator. The transfer equipment maybedecided into vacuum transfer and fan transfer according to the different power source. By the different pressure made by vacuum pump in the two ends of a pipe,the vacuum transfer make the matters gain the power, and is fit for the transport of long distance and big granule matters. The kind of transfer is belong to sucking and transfer in high vacuum, and usually use Water ring pump. Being low vacuum transfer, thetransfer is fit for the transfer of short distance and oxidize matters, with a strong transfer capacity, This series are applied for the multi-suction nozzle transfer system. QSC transfer equipment can transport the matters from oneplace to several place,and also from several place to one place as well. With many advantage, It is widely applied in home and aboard, and the load and unload of big ship, the transport of scattered matters in the metallurgy casting factory and the chemical matters,and soot cleaning,dust -colIecting of metallurgical factory, flour mill are also select this transfer equipment,too.

The Main Technical Parameter.

Model Rated Height (m) Transfer Volume (T/h) Back Blowing Press (kg/cm2) Back Blowing Mode Power Source Used Power (KW)
QSC-0.5Z 10-12 0.5 2-3 Manually,Auto ZY2060 1.1
QSC-1Z 10-12   2-3 Manually,Auto ZY2061 1.5
QSC-2Z 10-12 2 2-3 Manually,Auto SK-l.5 3
QSC-4Z 10-12 4 3-5 Manually,Auto SK-3 5.5
QSC-5Z 10-12 5 3-5 Manually,Auto SK-3 5.5
QSC-8Z 10-12 8 3-5 Manually,Auto SK-6 11
QSC-15Z 10-12 15 3-5 Manually,Auto SK-12 18.5
QSC-20Z 10-12 20 4-8 Manually,Auto SK-20 37
QSC-5Z 10-12 5 4-6 Manually,Auto 9-19No4.5A Fan 2.2
QSC-l0Z 10-12 10 4-6 Manually,Auto 9-19No4.5A Fan 5.5
QSC-16Z 10-12 16 4-6 Manually,Auto 9-19No5A Fan 7.5
QSC-24Z 10-12 24 4-6 Manually,Auto 9-19No5.6A Fan 11

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